What We Provide

Deborah J. Schaefer can set up and/or provide ongoing support in every area that a legal firm will need to address in order to run a profitable law firm.

Billing and Accounting

For law firms that don’t have the background or staff to do the job correctly, Deborah J. Schaefer provides monthly billing and monthly accounting and bank reconciliation services. Not only can this relieve pressure in a busy practice, but there is a certain level of assurance that comes from knowing that your firm is adhering to the procedures and codes associated with e-billing. Deborah is well versed in traditional billing and e-billing, to ensure that your accounts are accurate, compliant, and reliable.

Software Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation

Attorneys guide their clients to the best choices based on an extensive familiarity with the law. Deborah J. Schaefer guides her clients to the best software choices based on years of experience with tools that can help a law firm manage its data as well as the numbers.

Clients and potential clients judge a legal firm by its office; piles of paper could indicate the attorneys don’t have a documentation management system. Given the way technology is changing our lives, information must be managed electronically as well as on paper. Computers are a great way to store and retrieve information but only if properly implemented. You need assurance that your data is secure and there when you need access. Deborah J. Schaefer can demystify concepts like the cloud and give you an easy-to-use system with the confidentiality you demand for your clients.

Once properly implemented, your computer system will give you the ability to mine data, providing reports required of your firm and management reports that you can use to make better business decisions and increase productivity and profitability.