Who We Help

The bulk of the legal profession consists of law firms that are either sole practitioners or a maximum group of 20 lawyers. Inside each firm are smart people who simply lack the tools and best practices to save time and money, two key factors in running one’s own business.

Deborah J. Schaefer can not only help hard working professionals achieve a better life/work balance, she can help you analyze your practice and grow your business.

If you are finding the business end of your law firm to be challenging, talk to someone who understands the unique obstacles that tend to cost law firms in terms of time and money, such as the tendency in the field to bill late.

Deborah has helped law firms across the country and is adept at explaining the rules specific to each state and how to implement them. For example, if you’re based in California, you must abide by the rules based calendaring for that state and need a solution to maintain calendar events based on those rules. Practice management is a serious consideration for all law firms as they select their software solutions. Ensure that your choice supports you in managing productivity and profitability as well as your need to follow the guidelines of your chosen profession.

Are you truly comfortable with the relationship between the bar association rules as they apply to accounting? Are you confident in how you track medical expenses for your personal injury clients? Do you maintain a good list of contacts so that conflict of interest checking is straightforward? Would you rather toast the new year with champagne than worry about how you’ll close out your books?

Too many good lawyers have lost their licenses to practice law because they do what they love and are not good at accounting. That’s what Deborah J. Schaefer is, a partner that is good with numbers, knows the legal profession as a financial concern, the rules that must be followed on a state-by-state basis to integrate the legal and accounting sides of your law firm, and what it feels like to be successful in running your own business.

Accounting and practice management—the ability to store, retrieve, and edit documents in their various formats, including email—are disciplines in which Deborah J. Schaefer excels. She knows the tools and procedures that will help you smoothly manage contacts and how to implement a good calendaring system. Let her bring 35 years of specialized experience to your firm and free your energy to focus on the law.