About Deborah J. Schaefer

Deborah J. Schaefer

While studying for her CPA, Deborah J. Schaefer discovered that she had a knack for working with computers. She graduated from George Washington University with major in accounting and minor in computer science. Given her unique educational accomplishments, she was courted by eight of the largest accounting firms in the nation, firms that valued her ability to combine computer expertise and accounting skills and apply them as effective solutions to real world problems.

She worked for three national accounting firms in the area of computer auditing and consulting, building a knowledge base that allowed her to identify and fill a niche in the marketplace: offering law firms the tools and best practices to grow their businesses while ensuring that they could devote the appropriate resources to their clients’ needs.

Over the years, Deborah has earned a reputation for satisfying her clients with quality service and comprehensive answers to complex, business critical questions. Her consulting services help translates to effective solutions on which attorneys can rely to manage their practices more efficiently. Over time, her talents allowed her to focus her own business on the needs of law firms. She noticed that her advice had a major impact in this area because, whether there was one attorney or many within the firm, the lawyers had been well educated in their field but had never taken even a single accounting course. Nor did these men and woman have experience in running a business and the intricate details that are associated with a successful enterprise. Her advice and the software solutions she implemented made a huge difference for these firms.

Today, she continues to offer highly professional consulting services to law firms across the country, leading informative webinars and speaking to peers at conferences. Deborah’s drive to bring the best of the best in solutions to her clients means she is serious about keeping up with state of the art tools and best practices. Her current certifications include:

  • PCLaw
  • TimeMatters
  • Clio
  • Cosmolex
  • NetDocs
  • Itimekeep
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • Tabs 3/Practice Master
  • Amicus