Law firms are also businesses and all businesses depend on good accounting practices to keep the doors open. The best legal firms know the benefits of sound professional advice and assistance from educated and experienced professional accountants. Just as your clients turn to you for legal advice, hundreds of smart law firms have used the services of Deborah J. Schaefer:

• Professional accounting skills

• Years of experience working specifically with law firms

• Deep background with today’s best software solutions

Since 1983, Deborah J. Schaefer has provided critical services that law firms need to keep focus on their client needs and streamline the process of tracking income and expenses. Her clients are never troubled by audits because they are confident in the systems she sets in place to save time, money, and frustration.

If you are an attorney who wants to run the best practice possible for yourself and your clients, call Deborah J. Schaefer today.

Software Evaluation, Selection,

and Implementation

Deborah J. Schaefer guides her clients to the best software choices based on years of experience with tools that can help a law firm manage its data as well as the numbers

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Billing and


For law firms that don’t have the background or staff to do the job correctly, Deborah J. Schaefer provides monthly billing and monthly accounting and bank reconciliation services.

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